Green Lents

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many, many opportunities to volunteer in and around Lents!  Long-term commitments are referred to as "leadership opportunities" on the right.  Volunteer opportunities are listed here as one-day events or short-term commitments.  You can check out the Green Lents Calendar for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  You can also check out the Green Lents Updates blog to get up-to-date information about opportunities in Lents as well as around the city. 

Below are some annual volunteer opportunities for Green Lents & the Lents Neighborhood:

JanuaryFriends of Trees Neighborhood Planting (MLK weekend, 2012)
April: SOLV It cleanup event with Johnson Creek Watershed Council
May: Lents Neighborhood Cleanup
July: Lents Ramona Street Fair (music, vendors, food - Jul 31, 2011)
August: Johnson Creek Stream Clean (August 27, 2011)
Founders Day (free, fun, family event in Lents Park - Aug 21, 2011)
October: Lents Neighborhood Cleanup

On-going (check calendar or contact us for more details):

  • Invasive plant removals along Johnson Creek & Springwater Corridor Trail

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities can be as simple or as complex as you'd like.  There are many opportunities ranging from skill-sharing through design of materials to coordination of events or creating your own Green Lents teamOf course, Green Lents is always a team-oriented group that supports each other, so you will never have to do anything alone unless you absolutely want to!

Here are some current leadership opportunities.  If you'd like to get involved with something that is not on this list, please contact us and let us  know!

Community Tool Library
  • Currently seeking leaders to help assist with the creation of the community tool lending library in Lents.  Opportunities include: design of materials, inventory, soliciting tool donations, volunteer management, and member recruitment.

Watershed Team
  • Coordinate events: invasive species removals, litter cleanups.
  • Be one of the first Green Street Stewards in Lents!  High-level coordination needed to help recruit stewards, organize trainings and outreach, or become a steward yourself and maintain a green street on your own time.

Tree Team
  • Organize tree care, pruning or other maintenance education events
  • Organize a volunteer tree maintenance work party

    Would you like to get involved? Let us know!